Crosby’s Seafood Co. processing facility is Charleston owned and based, and we only market in the Charleston area to assure and uphold only the highest standard of product, and service.  We are open, process and deliver Monday through Saturday, and our hours of operation are from 7:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. or whenever the last order for the day is processed and delivered.

We at Crosby’s hold our quality of product & service to the highest standards using only the finest quality of products available. We are a strong supporter of the local and domestic fishing industries, and prefer to sell local or domestic seafood rather than imports.

Along with our multi-point inspections, strict climate controlled coolers, “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points program” (HACCP) certified processing facility, inspected by two branches of state and federal government, the FDA, DHEC, and thirty successful years of business, and in management alone, over one hundred and fifty years of accumulative experience in the Seafood industry. We continue to strive to uphold the industry standards we have set forth for others and ourselves. This, we feel will insure only the finest Seafood will ever make it to your customer’s palate.